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SPOTTED // Earthkinology

by Marit de Koning

Do people who live in cities have lost their touch with nature? Designer Alisa Ruzavina came up with ‘Earthkinology’ and thereby created a playful way to connect people who live in the city with nature.

Earthkinology exists out of three installations: Binoculars, Microscope and Aquascope. These are made of waste materials and are meant to be used on the streets in urban environments. People will not need to leave the city to experience nature. The idea behind it is to connect with nature and the eco-system that is already present in cities.

The binoculars look like a big colourful telescope. You can look through it and you're able to hear the story about lime trees. The microscope is an object that you can place against a tree. You can look through the scope like a normal microscope and it tells you a story about lichens. The aquascope tells you a story about the roach. The colourful object has a screen where you can look at urban nature and its inhabitants.

After being stuck at home for a long time, people feel the need to reinvent exploration in nature. Yet, walking around in the woods occasionally isn’t enough to make people feel fully connected with nature. Now that people’s lives are getting busier again, it is harder to find the time. Ruzavina wants with her graduate showcase that the people in cities ‘to pause amidst their day, take notice and explore the more unusual ways of sensing and being within their everyday contexts.’ (Ruzavina, 2021)

EarthKinology is about a playful experience that focuses on creating a bond with the environment. The installations allow you to discover the environment that is right in front of you in a colourful and different angle. This is what Environmental Playground’s core focus is about.

For more information about the designer, you can visit her website

For more information about Earthkinology

If you would like more information about the trends we created for Dutch Design Week 2021, you can sign up to purchase the trendbook here

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