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We would like to introduce ourselves as the Future Thinkers Dutch Design Week team of 2022. We all study Trend Research and Concept Creation in Lifestyle at Fontys Hogeschool. National and International combined, we try to inspire you with lots of information from different sectors in terms of trends and new manifestations. We will be here to happily answer all your questions and give you more information about our profession as well. 


Fenne van Mierlo

Harmony, for me, is about more than just a pleasant and consistent whole. 

As a TCL student, it means finding a balance between what I want and need and what people expect from me. What I do, I do purposefully and carefully, forming cohesion and connection. In visual language, projects and social environments. With social connection comes trust, which creates understanding, which is vital to making progress.

In the end, it is all about contentment. I want to help find peace with the past, present and future. When something radiates harmony, all is good. Will the future be harmonious?


Julius Tami

Balance is a very important value for me, as it allows for a healthy lifestyle. It is essential to find a balance between the stress of everyday life and quality time, where you can pursue the things your heart desires. With my lifestyle concepts I want to bring balance into people's lives and help them create real quality time for themselves. 


Mihaela Angelova

As an openly unconventional person, freedom is the key value for my well-being and existence. For me, it contains itself in the ability to change, create and follow whatever path you'd like.  

 As a TCL student, I strive to prove to society and myself that we can change and re-create our world as we want it to be. 


Mirjam Gaal


Valerie den Boer

I think that creativity is a very important value. Why? I feel that creativity is within everyone. It is there in different forms and ways, but that is the beauty of it. Within a study, creativity was a must for me, and that is why TCL suits me so much. It is just the right amount of freedom and creativity to me. You get to solve problems and expand your thinking and mind while doing this. Creativity and the art of it is everywhere, so enjoy and keep on creating!


Vita Mikić

Reason is the starting point of everything I do, whether it is conscious or unconscious. Finding out the “why” of things around me allows me to explore the depth of it and find the origin of where it all started.  As a trend researcher, my mission is to discover why certain shifts happen in society and where they come from. It is not so much about the material, products and service, it is about what is underneath.  

The reason I chose “boldness” as my value is that I believe everyone should be able to express themselves freely. As a TCL student, I try to be bold in every project I work on. I like to break taboos in order to spark conversation and try to create a real difference in this world.


Vivian Keers

The value I chose is hope. Hope is something that always keeps me going, in times of need but also in times of wellbeing. That’s why I think it’s a beautiful value. You can always hold onto it.  

And as a TCL student, I want to create a better tomorrow and give people hope for a better future. 


Yara Stiglic

I think honesty is very important to create pure connections and to build a foundation of trust. Honesty is also very important when reflecting on yourself. Although it can be difficult sometimes, being honest allows you to make room for the things you really find important in life.  

As a TCL student, I want to encourage people to be honest to each other and to themselves, to help them to create the future they want.  

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